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5.5.11 - 9:48 pm
[ mood | amused ]


5.2.11 - 6:49 am
[ mood | cranky ]

I hate it when I have to go away for days at a time.. I don't get to see JC and this makes for a very grumpy Justin.

I get to talk to him on the phone which is all fine and dandy, but it isn't the same. He sounded a little drunk when I talked to him earlier and I've been trying to call him but he isn't answering, which leads me to believe that he drank a little too much and passed out.

I have trouble sleeping when he isn't with me, more so when I am staying in hotels and not sleeping in out own bed. Shame I wasn't at the house, totally would have tried to take advantage of him and get some drunk sex. Oh well, I'll be home tomorrow, I just wanted to say goodnight baby.

Friends only, sorry! [
4.10.07 - 4:04 pm
[ mood | good ]

Not the real Justin Timberlake, this is all in fun. Read the disclaimer.

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